Testimonials from AFRTU Scholarship Beneficiaries: Stories of Hope, Gratitude, and Inspiration

Testimonial from Mr. Wisdom Doddu (Delivered by Mr. Joy Emmanuel Togbetse)

At the First ARFTU Ceremony held in Ho, Volta Region, ARFTU beneficiary Wisdom K. Doddu delivered an inspiring speech celebrating the life-changing opportunity that education provides, which is made possible through the support of ARFTU.

Drawing on a powerful quote from Nelson Mandela, Mr. Wisdom emphasized how education allows people to rise above their circumstances and achieve their greatest potential. He acknowledged the difficult economic conditions many beneficiaries face, expressing gratitude to ARFTU for making their educational pursuits viable.

Mr. Wisdom encouraged his peers not to wait for opportunities but to boldly create their paths, armed with the knowledge and skills they are acquiring. He referenced Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path, and leave a trail.”

The speech recognized the invaluable contributions of ARFTU founder Mr. Bilson Kettey, his wife Ellen, and organizer Esther Kettey in making ARFTU’s mission a reality. Doddu expressed sincere gratitude for their immense support.

Quoting the British educator Charlotte Mason, Mr. Wisdom captured the essence of educational pursuit: “Of all the joyous motives of school life, the love of knowledge is the only abiding one; the only one which determines the scale, so to speak, upon which the person will hereafter live.”

Doddu’s speech was a rousing testament to the transformative power of education and the impact of ARFTU in opening doors for students determined to better their lives and contribute to society.

Testimonial from Mr. Charles Hosi

Mr. Charles began by expressing his gratitude for being selected to give the speech and noting that the journey to receive the ARFTU scholarship was not easy, but ARFTU provided hope to achieve their dreams.

He reflected on previously receiving other scholarships and support programs like the Unibank bursary, Kingdom Books scholarship, and District Common fund, but noted that ARFTU was unique in paying fees upfront before the academic year even began, providing significant relief.

Mr. Hosi shared his personal story of completing his undergraduate degree and being offered a Teaching Assistant position and the opportunity to pursue a discounted master’s degree. However, due to family responsibilities and not wanting to burden his parents further, he declined and resorted to menial jobs, losing hope of continuing his education.

It was not until late 2022 that he learned of ARFTU. The founder, Mr. Bilson Kettey, and the scholarship board listened to his situation and not only paid the fees he owed but granted him a full scholarship to pursue his MPhil in Science Education at the University of Education, Winneba. He appealed to individuals and groups globally to join ARFTU’s mission of reaching more brilliant but underprivileged students to realize more success stories.

Testimonial from AFRTU Scholarship Recipient Bosso Joy

Mr. Joy Bosso, a young student from Adidome in Ghana’s Central Tongu constituency, also shares a powerful testimonial about how the AFRTU (Academic Rescue for the Underprivileged) scholarship program rescued his educational dreams during an extremely difficult period in his life.

Just months before receiving his college admission letter, Mr. Joy’s father passed away, and shortly after, his mother fell ill and became bedridden. As the oldest son, Mr. Joy felt the immense weight of responsibility for his family’s future on his shoulders. With little hope of being able to afford tuition and living expenses, his goal of becoming a teacher seemed to be slipping away.

In his own words, Joy expresses profound gratitude: “This scholarship scheme took me from thick and thin and placed me on a suitable mental ground viable for good mental peace and happiness…Indeed, thank you Academic Rescue for the underprivileged. Thank you, AFRTU scholarship scheme. Thank you for being an oasis amidst the mirage for brilliant but needy students like me.”

Beyond just financial support, Joy credits the regular encouraging calls from AFRTU’s founder, Mr. Bilson Kettey, with boosting his confidence and keeping him motivated throughout his studies. He feels that words alone cannot fully express his appreciation for AFRTU for renewing his hope and keeping his dream of a brighter future alive during such a tumultuous time. Bosso’s story powerfully illustrates how the mission of AFRTU extends far beyond just tuition assistance – it provides a lifeline for students facing unimaginable hardship and allows them to positively transform their lives through education.

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