Founder of ARFTU Outlines Mission to Provide Higher Education for Underprivileged Students in Ghana

On December 23, 2023, Mr. Billson Kettey, the founder of Academic Rescue for the Underprivileged (ARFTU), delivered a speech via Zoom outlining the mission and plans for his newly established non-profit organization.

ARFTU was registered on March 8, 2022 with the goal of helping bright but financially disadvantaged students in Ghana gain access to higher education, both locally and abroad. In his speech, Mr. Kettey emphasized the crucial importance of university education in today’s rapidly changing world, stating that “without higher education at the present time, one cannot make any headway in the world of today.”

During the event, Mr. Kettey introduced the first beneficiaries of ARFTU scholarships and commended them for their hard work and humility. He advised them to “make humility and hard work your walking-stick” and to be willing to help others in need when possible.

Explaining his motivation behind founding ARFTU, Mr. Kettey cited four reasons: 1) To do everything for God’s glory, 2) To fulfill his lifelong ambition of helping the less fortunate, 3) To address the tearful stories he heard as a child about gifted individuals unable to pursue higher education due to financial constraints, and 4) To leave the world a better place than he found it.

For its pilot project, ARFTU is focusing solely on the Volta Region for the first three years before expanding nationwide. Ten senior high schools in the region have been selected to participate, with a plan to identify two academically excellent but economically disadvantaged students from each school for scholarship support.

Mr. Kettey made it clear that he is not a wealthy individual but is driven by a love for humanity and a desire to promote the progress of the underprivileged. He urged attendees to rally behind ARFTU’s cause through ideas, suggestions, innovations, and donations.

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